Our Story

Soft Cotton Face Masks is a labor of love born out of a spirit to serve the community

We are a typical family like many others just doing our thing. Then COVID-19 happened.

With family and friends in healthcare, we had front row seats to the crisis. They are soldiers going out to the front lines everyday without sufficient armor. Taking incredible risks, putting themselves and their families at risk. 

We decided to help. 

We started making the much needed commodity - the face masks - and donating to nearby hospitals, foundations doing work in food pantries, with senior citizens, cancer patients. While these masks are not N95s, the frontliners received them with much gratitude. 

We reached out to the community to help scale these efforts. The response has been overwhelming. Within a week, we donated over 500 masks to frontliners with a commitment to deliver another 1000+ by the end of April. Our process involves no physical contact. 

Social responsibility while still practicing social distancing.

By the day, we started getting requests from individuals, families of first responders, friends, community members. That’s when the CDC recommendation that everyone wear masks to reduce the spread of infection came out. The high demand, and short supplies and some of the price gouging that's been happening were heart breaking. 

We decided to step in, step up and offer affordable masks to all.

Our volunteer program runs independently and continues to donate to the medical community as we are flooded with requests from local hospitals daily. We are taking this a step further and donating additional masks for every mask sold through this online store.

If you are a hospital administrator and need masks for your organization, please contact us and we will donate masks at no cost to you, shipping included. It's a token of appreciation from us to those who risk their lives to save others.

Stay safe. Stay healthy. Practice social distancing. Proudly sport a mask. We will get through this together and come out stronger on the other side.

If you would like to get involved with our efforts, we would be thrilled to hear from you.


The Team

We are a team of serial entrepreneurs, NY/NJ based senior corporate executives and attending physicians who joined forces and created this to help the community and to do the right thing at this trying times.